Romney Bets Private Jet Perry is Wrong about that Keanu Reeves Movie

12 Dec

Romney and Perry could only agree that the movie in question was a Keanu Reeves classic.

Sparks flew in Iowa as the 12th Republican presidential debate became heated between hopefuls Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry.  The rivals became extremely frustrated with each other over the course of the night, creating awkward silences and bad jokes that eventually culminated in Romney betting his private jet.

The conflict arose over a disagreement between Perry and Romney about the name of that Keanu Reeves Movie where the two dudes go back in time to study for their history project.

Perry threw the first punches by lashing out at Romney for referring to the movie by the name “Wayne’s World”, which actually refers to a famous Mike Meyers sketch and subsequent movie about two dudes.

“You’re just applying blanket names to completely distinct dude movies.  The American public doesn’t deserve your misguidance,” jabbed Rick Perry.

But when asked to clarify the name of that Keanu Reeves movie, Rick Perry couldn’t seem to remember: “Um… you know, the thing about it is they’re very similar.  But that’s what I’m saying.  Mitt wants to do everything the same old Massachusetts way, just like with healthcare…” he stumbled.

“Ya know Rick, I’ve seen the movies—and they’re not nearly as similar as you’re making them out to be.  I can admit my memory isn’t perfect, but I am one-hundered percent sure it is better than yours.  Bringing healthcare into this because you can’t remember the name is insulting to the American people and Keanu Reeves,” fired Romney, who then continued to press Perry to name the movie if he was so sure of himself.

After an awkward silence, Rick Perry mumbled, “I mean I believe it was Bill and Fred’s Awesome Adventures because they said ‘awesome’ a lot.”  Upon which Romney immediately bet Perry his private Jet, ‘Mor-Man 1’, that there was “no way in hell” that was the name of the movie.

Perry did not accept the bet during the televised clash, but there were rumors from the Romney camp that following the debate Perry challenged him to Keanu Reeves movie trivia for the entire fleet of Romney private transport, including: 4 buses, the Mor-man 1 jet, multiple cars and limos, and 4 lines of the Boston subway system.

The media has noted how the magnitude of the bets might look out of touch to the public in times of such economic uncertainty, but Mitt Romney clarified elegantly by noting that “the value of my private transport pales in comparison to my amassed wealth from Bain & Company.”


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