Occupy Cordova: Lost in the Snow

12 Jan

Around 99% of Cordova's 2,000 residents took shelter when the snow began to fall.

By Andrew Harrell, Correspondent

It’s not uncommon to see someone dig himself up out of the snow from seemingly nowhere this week in Cordova, Alaska.

What is uncommon is seeing a protestor dig himself up out of the snow from a makeshift tent.

More than 18 feet of snow has piled up during the past week in Cordova, and somewhere underneath it are the local members of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“We don’t know where they are,” said Randy Wan, who became concerned about the group and started asking neighbors if they knew anything.  “No one has seen them.”

The buildings surrounding the Occupy Cordova encampment are shorter than the current snowfall, so identifying its exact location is difficult at best.  Wan also explained that even if they could see the buildings, no one can remember exactly where the three members of the group have been sleeping and protesting.

At least one of the protestors, Cathy Shaw, didn’t make it back to her residence in time to be snowed in. Rhea Tomlinson, a friend of Shaw’s, said she shoveled over to Shaw’s house but found no signs of life.

“Even the cat was dead” according to Tomlinson.

“Her bitchy neighbor must have stopped feeding it like she was supposed to be doing. And she doesn’t even have to go in the snow, they live in the same hall of an apartment building.”

Cordova Police Spokesman Bruce Lane, reached on his home phone, laughed when asked if a rescue operation is in place.

“No,” Lane added.

Lane did say the Cordova Police Department is asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of the Occupy encampment to call in the information, so that a clean-up team can be sent there when all the snow melts.


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