Homeless Man Accuses Wikipedia of Intellectual Property Theft Following Blackout

19 Jan

Local Homeless man Joseph “Hobo Joe” Clark accused Wikipedia of intellectual property theft on Thursday after the online encyclopedia blacked out in protest of the impending US Senate vote on the Protect IP Act.

Hobo Joe claims he began blacking out 40 years ago during high school before dropping out to pursue innovative black out methods fulltime.

He swears he only recently perfected the trade after sinking into a cycle of alcoholism, dimentia, and life on the street in his mid-fifties.

KnewsCorp was surprised to discover that Joe holds a US patent on the concept of blacking out, and has trademarked the “protest blackout” after sleeping through multiple protests in downtown Washington, DC.

So far Wikipedia has declined to comment on Joe’s accusations, but legal experts suspect that this kind of serious intellectual property theft won’t go un-prosecuted.

“Joe has serious legal standing.  Wikipedia was insultingly brash, and millions of people witnessed the theft.  They’re criminals and should be brought to justice,” said Joe’s lawyer, who spoke for his client when Joe blacked out during our interview.

Perhaps most impressive is that Joe has been running a Limited Liability Corporation, called ClarkOut, of fellow homeless drunks and black outs.  The group has been lobbying Washington in support of PIPA and SOPA to combat intellectual property theft by college students who talk about blacking out online.

The ClarkOut LLC executive board met late Wednesday night at a shipping yard in Baltimore to discuss taking legal action, and fallout from the theft of their primary intellectual product.

“It was a dirty tactic,” said Chief Panhandling Officer (CPO) and Brooklyn Bridge resident Party-boy Mike.  “Protecting our practice of censoring our reality by blacking out, by lobbying congress to black out, was really upset by Wikipedia’s theft of our black outs.”

“I’m confused,” added a homeless man who happened upon the meeting hoping to score some liquor.


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