Blind Dissident’s Seeing Eye Dog Detained

2 May

On the same day Chinese political dissident Chen Guancheng left the US embassy in Beijing to be reunited with his family, Chinese authorities have detained his seeing eye dog, Mr. Bones.

Bones is accused of aiding and abetting an enemy of the state, and assisting in the Guancheng escape from house arrest. Although no formal charges have been pressed, the dog has been kept under close watch for 24 hours and checked for fleas.  He was taken into a police substation in downtown Beijing early Wednesday morning for questioning and booster shots.

Authorities could not be reached for comment about the legality of detaining the dog without bringing formal charges against him, but a local street vendor told Knewscorp it was common practice in China to treat both human and canine prisoners all like dogs.

“I am not surprised at all for how they are treating  Mr. Bones.  But if he works with Guancheng, he is a cool customer and will be tough to crack. I guarantee you this dog will not talk. [Because he is a dog]. ”


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