Google Learns of Yahoo after CEO Quits

14 May

Employees at Google’s global headquarters first learned of the existence of search engine competitor today after CEO Scott Thompson resigned his post.

Google Associate Albert Choi was reading about Thompson’s resignation on Monday when he had the sudden epiphany that the company in question,, actually existed.

“At first I did a double take, then I showed my colleagues and we all had a good laugh,” said Choi.

Reactions to the existence of a company attempting to compete with Google’s pervasive search engine dominance were mixed.  At least one Google executive was overheard wondering if people “Yahoo’d things?”, but in general the existence of a competitor seemed laughably unthreatening.

“I was mostly mystified.  I’m curious if they have like, a Yahoo Earth or Yahoo Docs or Yahoo Images…?”  mused Google cofounder Larry Page.

Some Google employees seemed vaguely annoyed that Yahoo also had a goofy, nonsensical, company name.  But others thought it might be a form of flattery.

“Really, it’s cute.  It’s sort of like when my son gets on his tricycle and rides around with me on my road bike.  He just wants to be me,” mentioned Google Search Optimizer Leo Phillips. declined Knewscorp’s request for an interview, making it impossible to objectively confirm their existence.

Many Google employees previously thought Yahoo headquarters was a Children’s museum.


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