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Twitter to Release CB Radio in 2014

1 Jun

RV enthusiast Norman Anderson, age 68, said CB radios are the future.

Let the Hardware Games begin.

Amid rumors Facebook will release its own smartphone next year, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo held a press conference today announcing his company is also seeking to expand beyond the coded world by developing a CB radio.

“It will be a kind of two-way radio that will allow small numbers of people to listen and talk with each other,” Costolo said. “This thing works even from distances of up to four or five miles.”

Many were quick to criticize Twitter’s new direction, predicting that the technology will only be embraced by truckers and lonely weirdos who can’t afford a truck.

According to former employees of the social media giant, work on the CB radio began in secret almost two years ago. Setbacks have stalled the project several times, most recently a struggle to figure out how to make something that actually exists in the physical world.

The semi-mobile device is planned to replicate some of Twitter’s most popular features, such as spammers posing as women who actually might want to have sex with you.

“With Facebook going public and now working on a smartphone, we at Twitter feel it’s imperative to redouble our efforts in the personal electronics market,” Costolo said. “We have to if we want to maintain our business model of devoting all our resources to copying one small aspect of what Facebook does.”